I never cared for Ridgebacks that much. The nose on the males, the freaky long talons, the beady little eyes… They just didn’t do anything for me.

After a particularly hectic day, I got pretty sloshed because I am the liquor. I wandered onto FR under the impression of “GLARGH I NEED MORE…

PFfff whoever you are on FR, I wanna be your friend. XDDD 



Screenshots of my lair I made in Minecraft. The nesting grounds and garden are missing and will be added in later.

It’s basically a large ravine in the middle of the forest (pretend there are more trees there) and has a pool in the back, a storage area, meeting rock to overlook the clan and make announcements, a metal smithing cave specifically for Autumn and Vulcan and “stairs” to make it down to the bottom. 

Epic! :D Really pretty and kinda mystical looking, I like!